What’s Happening on November 8th? A Lot.

There’s a lot happening at Squantum School on November 8th!

1. Voting

Most people have decided who they will vote for.  If not, don’t stand on the sidelines, vote!     Here’s more information about the candidates and what office they are running for.. http://www.qatv.org/election2011

2. Book Fair

Students get a chance to purchase new books, pencils, & erasers during school hours.  (Hint: Not a bad idea to give them a little extra money this day to support the PTO)

We also need volunteers as this is a multi-day event (November 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th, and 15th).  Can you help?   If so, get in touch with Kathy Brink at 617-593-4400 or hale613@comcast.net

More Information Here

3. Bake Sale

We’re selling items donated by parents.  We need help manning bake sale tables and donating baked goods.  To offer support during the bake sale, contact katie_ollmann@comcast.net

More Information Here

4. Report Card Conferences

Much of this information was already sent home and you should be scheduled to speak with your child’s teacher.