Volunteering & Fundraising

PTO is a volunteer organization that in its entirety relies on the donations and support of parent volunteers. We are grateful for everything our donors and volunteers do to support the school!

PTO offers numerous opportunities to contribute to the school community. We welcome your participation, your ideas, and your feedback. Hope to see you soon!

Box Tops Contest

Compete to Win the Box Tops Contest Bring in those box tops!! Each classroom has an envelope for their own Box Tops At the end of the year, the 2 classrooms with the most boxtops wins an party! 

Squantum School Wishlist

The most popular items needed for the school are printer and toner cartridges to provides printed handouts and materials for students. If you are willing to buy and donate these items, it would greatly help the school.

Donate Money

Squantum School needs your  help to pay for field tripstechnology supplies, and general maintenance that the Quincy Public School System does not currently provide.

We know your time is valuable and that many parents and guardians cannot commit to spending time at the school in advance.

So, please consider giving directly to the school PTO – it gets used and we thank you in advance!

The recommended donation for this year is $25 but any amount is truly appreciated.

Donate Your Time and Volunteer

Many parents have requested the opportunity to help with events in order to get involved, meet other parents, and help the school.  We’ve made volunteering easier with a dedicated volunteer coordinator.  If you are looking to volunteer at any upcoming events, please contact volunteer coordinator, Stacey LeMay (squantumptovolunteers@gmail.com.)

How to get your CORI Check

It's easier that it seems and is truly worth it

SAFIS (Fingerprinting requirements)

The requirement is to have volunteers fingerprinted in a statewide regulated effort to increase school security.  More information can be found here.  The fee is $35 and the recommended location is in Hingham MA.  You can schedule it online here or call (866) 349-8130 for more information.

For additional help Navigating the SAFIS appointment website see below.

Thank you!




Navigating the SAFIS appointment website:

Visit https://www.identogo.com/locations/massachusetts

> scroll down and click Digital Fingerprinting

> Click Schedule a New Appointment

> From Agency/Sector drop down select Pre-K-12th Grade Education (ESE)

> For volunteers applicant type is “All Other School Personnel”

> Enter QPS Provider ID 02430000

> Enter a zip code to get a list of location

On 5/21/2018 Hingham was the closest location to Squantum and they have Saturday                                                  appointments.  There are multiple locations in the region.  A different location near work                                               could be more convenient for you.

> On the location that works for you choose a day or click Next Week to see more dates

> On your location row “Click to Schedule” to select an available time

> Check the appropriate acknowledgement box

> Fill in the Applicant information and select Send

> Verify all your information

> Fill out Payment Collection (as of 9/7/17 cost is $35 for volunteers)

The majority of appointments take only 5 to 10 minutes. Missing an appointment may result in losing your payment.

After your appointment bring in a copy* of your receipt and complete a CORI form at the Squantum School office. You will need your driver’s license for the CORI form.

*It is strongly recommended you keep a copy of your receipt.

Navigating the SAFIS appointment website updated on 5/21/18