Some Pictures from the Boks Program

This morning I got a chance to see the Boks program (a fitness program which meets Mon and Wed before school) in action.  It was a popular day to show up as several school committee members and city administrators were present such as the mayor, the superintendent, Barbara from the school committee, and more.   Also present were parent volunteers Maureen Geary, Beth Vacca, Christine Feeney, who helped to kickstart this unique program (along with Andrea Coughlin).   The woman in purple below is a Boks program lead from Reebok and helped launch the program into Squantum… She is a firm believer in exercising before school and in fact, she was carrying around a book called Spark which is a new study about the effect of exercise on the brain… definitely going on my reading list.

DSC_8332 (Custom)

A proud Mr Sylvia looks at the 60+ kids working out before school

DSC_8322 (Custom)

The superintendent Richard DeCristofaro getting into into the Boks program!

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