Disney Raffle fundraiser Update

Dear Squantum Families,

Students were given a packet for the Disney Raffle fundraiser.  Each student starter

packet contains 10 raffle tickets ($5.00 each) for a $5,000 Disney gift card! The lucky

winner will be able to use the gift card to enjoy a vacation at a popular Disney resort

(Orlando, Florida; California; Hawaii; Paris) or on a Disney Cruise (to Alaska, the

Bahamas, the Canadian Coast, the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, or the Panama Canal).

Wherever you imagine your family vacation, you can tailor-make it with the Disney gift


Raffle sales will end on December 14 th, 2016.

The raffle drawing will be held December 16 th , 2016.

Please help Squantum School make this a record-breaking fundraiser. Another

neighboring school raised $20,000, and we think we can do even better!

With thanks in advance for your support,

The Squantum PTO


Frequently Asked Questions

When do we send back the sold tickets and the money? There are 4 white

envelopes in your student’s packet. Sold ticket stubs and the money should be returned

in the white envelopes either at the end of each week or earlier. Each week students

who return sold ticket envelopes will be entered into a seller prize drawing.  There will

be 4 drawings.

Can I post the raffle information on social media? Yes, social media like Facebook,

is a fast simple way to get the word out to friends and family. Check out Paypal.me as a

way to collect payments online for free.

What if we are ready for more tickets to sell? When you send in your tickets sold we

will supply you with more.  If you anticipate selling a bunch of tickets you can request a

specific number of tickets.

What if we run out of tickets? While you are waiting to get more tickets students can

continue to sell tickets by writing down names and phone numbers of their buyers. Once

more tickets are picked up at school, the names and number can be filled in on the


What if I lose my ticket stub? It is not necessary to have the ticket stub to win.

What if we don’t sell all our tickets? Unsold ticket can be returned to the school.

Are there other prizes for the sellers? Yes, the student packets have a list of prizes

that will be award to students for selling tickets and an explanation on how they can be


How will the winner be announced? On Friday, December 16 th , the school will hold a

drawing to select the winner of the $5,000 Disney Vacation. The winner will be

contacted directly

What if I don’t want my child to carry cash? Write a check to Squantum PTO for the

amount collected from sales and keep the cash or hand deliver your sold tickets and

money to the office.