Box Tops Competition Heats Up

Go Red Sox!   It’s almost unbelieveable to be doing this after such a rough season last year…

And speaking of COMPETITION, we’ve got a serious competition warming up within the school.  It’s all about the Box Tops.


Right now the standings look like this:Perennial champ Mrs Salas is ahead with 253 Box Tops, Mrs Curtin not far behind at 189, and Mrs Walsh a close third at 171.   From there, it’s neck and neck all the way to the finish – Boss, Bloom, Griffith, Hourin, Corwin, Kelley, and Regan.

The World Series is exciting, sure, but it pales in comparison to the annual Squantum BoxTops for Education Classroom Contest – remember the winners get a slushie party!!

And remember the Meadow Farms Fundraiser catalogs are due the 28th!!