A Quick, 7 Question Survey from Squantum PTO

The PTO is looking for ways to improve the services we provide the students, staff and families of our school.

We are conducting a brief survey 7 question survey to uncover insights that illuminate our areas of strength as well as areas for continued growth. Your feedback will help us in our quest to increase parental participation in the classroom, in school activities, and events. Your responses are completely anonymous and your responses will be used as a tool to help in decision making.

The survey is online and extremely short.   Questions include:

  1. Have you attended a PTO meeting this year?
  2. What is the best time for you to attend a PTO meeting?
  3. Have you volunteered at the school this year?
  4. The biggest reasons for not being able to volunteer at Squantum School are:
  5. Would you be more likely to get involved in PTO activities and meetings if childcare was provided?
  6. Please describe your experiences this year (positive or negative) and what the PTO can do to improve
  7. What kinds of events/activities would you like to see from the school and PTO?

The survey is live and will be available for the next two weeks.   Please fill out one response per parent/guardian.  We hope you take the time to fill this out!

If you cannot access the survey, you can write or type the answers to the questions above on a separate sheet of paper and drop it off at the school in the PTO mailbox in the office at school.

Here’s the link to the 2012/2013 Squantum PTO Survey

Please take it, so we can improve.

Thanks, Squantum PTO