Nov 21 2017

Upcoming Parent Academy – Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 Central Middle School 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Parents of children in elementary, middle or high school  are invited to attend:

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017    Central Middle School 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Dr. Nadine Gaab
The Gaab Lab for Developmental

The Quincy Parent Advisory Council Meeting will be held prior to the presentation at 6 p.m.
This session will:
 Include information for parents on the developing reading brain presented by Dr. Gaab
 Provide information based on Dr. Gaab’s research on dyslexia using Functional Magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
 Resources for parents on the development of the reading process

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Nov 20 2017

Movie Night Tuesday 6 PM – November 21st

Join us – in the outdoor classroom!!  

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Oct 25 2017



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Oct 09

SQU FUN RUN – Weekend Challenge

It’s not too late! We have one of our best Fun Run challenges yet!! It’s called the “Swag Bag Challenge” It’s a challenge to see which class can earn the most pledges AS A CLASS, this weekend! There is 1 night left to get your pledges to help your class win! Every student in the winning class will earn their very own “Swag Bag” full of fun fitness prizes you can wear and play with outside!

And remember, if your parents register you AND they put a pledge online, you’ll get your FREE gift, your first prize, AND your team could win the Swag Bag Challenge! Let’s have some fun today! See you later!


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Oct 05

Pep Rally Day – Squantum Fun Run

Parents! Our Fun Run program is finally here! We kicked off the program today with an awesome Pep Rally to get our students fired up to help Squantum School. Please support us by asking friends and family to pledge your child for the Fun Run. (Remember, students will run 30-35 laps.) Enter all pledges at FUNRUN.COM, and your student will be rewarded the very next day. Plus, your student will receive a FREE prize just for being registered on!
Ask your student(s) about their pledge crown coming home today!
Thanks in advance for your support and here is a link to a fun video from some familiar knights at the SQU School Castle!

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Oct 05

City Wide invites you to…


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Oct 02 2017

Only 3 days until Fun Run Pep Rally!

The Squantum Fun Run is kicking off in just 3 days! It’s a 2-week program that starts with a Pep Rally and ends with the big Fun Run event. We’re raising funds for our school and we need your help!
Check it out here:
This year’s character program is called Castle Quest! It’s an English castle theme about being brave and living with character. Students will LOVE this story! Click here to learn more!
Squantum’s Registration Code: 998-615

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Oct 02

September 26, 2017 PTO Meeting Minutes

Minutes from PTO meeting on September 26, 2017.
In attendence were Mr. Sylvia, Dr. Bloom, Mrs. Kiley, Mrs. Corwin, President Kenda Coulter, VP Sarah Wood, Treasurer Anthony Greenwood, citywide representative Dave Blaton, and assembled parents.
Guest speaker: Mayor Thomas Koch & Chief of Staff Laura McBirney.
Mayor Koch discussed building of new Sterling Middle School is underway and will be revisiting the building of a new Squantum School. St.Mary’s school was bought by the city and will be a new elementary school for residents of the other side of the expressway who currently attend Montclair. Mayor took various questions from parents. Said he will speak to superintendent regarding earlier introduction of foreign language which was brought up by Dave Blaton since he discussed this at a citywide meeting. Parents also asked about speaking to kids at younger age about bullying and social media. Mr. Sylvia said we do have an anti-bullying campaign who visits parent nights and to speak to kids. The mayor also stated that parents are always welcome to ask questions and express concerns during open forum at school committee meetings.
Mr. Sylvia: Very successful Kindergarten orientation and lots of K parents at this PTO meeting. Thanks to Sarah Wood and other volunteers for popsicle social. Update on last year: amazing Disney raffle fundraiser which will allow us to buy 10 more chrome books for the school in addition to the mobile cart of chrome books that was donated by the city. Google classroom has been introduced in grades 3-5 and hopefully will be added to younger grades later this year. Maybe run a parent academy on chrome books. Grades 4-5 will take MCAS on the chrome books this year. Aspen family portal will be introduced in October. Logins will be sent out and parents can view assignments, grades, and if assignments were missed in addition to the attendance, report cards, etc. Boosterthon fun run pep rally will be Oct 5. Kids will receive crowns and it will be tied in with our PBIS program as the theme is Castle Quest and is about being brave and strong. The fun run is during school on Oct 17. There will be incentives and prizes. The funds will be used to help with technology. Oct 5 is picture day. Hayward photography now allowing online payment. Julie Hart will be organizing picture day volunteers…about 5-6 volunteers needed.
Boks before school fitness program will be starting and led by Mr. Miller. Outdoor classroom looks great. New band teacher this year is Joe Salvucci. Upper grades had an instrument demo last week. Grades 2-5 will have a strings demo on Friday 9/29 by Ms. Lai.
MCAS 2.0 scores from last year won’t be out until late Oct or early Nov.
School is off to a great start and traffic pattern/parking have not been a problem so far.
Box Tops will be collected the first Friday of each month. Hoping we can advertise a specific item that we’d like to put the box top money toward. Each box top donates 10 cents to our school. We bring in about $1000 a year from box tops.
11/7 bake sale during city election. Baked goods and volunteers will be needed all day.
Restaurant fundraisers:
Panera: 10/26
Unos: 11/15
Monster Mash dance is 10/13.
Also discussed Polar Express for December and a possible fall movie night.
Reading counts and Docent Art volunteers are needed.
Dave: School committee candidate Mark Sauter spoke at last citywide meeting regarding language immersion. There was also discussion of QPS website improvement. 10/16 debate at Central Middle School.
Anthony: introduces idea to have Heather Morkan assist in financial duties so there are two sets of eyes on the accounts, auditing of the treasurer’s work, and a sense of accountability due to things that have happened at another school. At least two people should be counting money after all events and signing off on it. Then money will be given to Anthony to be deposited.

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Sep 26

PTO Meeting September 26th 2017

Join us tonight @ 7 pm Squantum School Media Center.











Upcoming Events:

October 5th: School Photo Day and Squantum FUN RUN Pep Rally

October 6th – October 16th Squantum FUN RUN Fundraiser Pledge Days

October 13 th – Monster Mash Dance (in gym)

October (TBD) – Restaurant Night

October 17th  – SQUANTUM FUN RUN (school hours/daytime event)

October 25 th: PTO Meeting 7PM

November 7 th: City Election Day Bake Sale

November 16 th : PTO Meeting 7PM (media center)

December 12th (tentative) – PTO meeting 7 PM

December TBD : Squantum Polar Express Night 6PM-8PM



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Sep 18


Tuesday September 19th  

Join us at OPEN HOUSE                                                                                          Save the Date 
Tuesday, September 19th                                                                              1st PTO Meeting Tues 9/26 7pm

-Meet your child’s teacher 6:30 – 7:30
– Shop at the one night only bookfair 6:00 to 8:00  
-Find out about volunteer opportunities









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