Free Money from Amazon

What is the benefit to the school?

Every time someone starts their shopping and search through this page, Amazon will pay the PTO up to 10% comission on every purchase (the size of commission varies depending on product category). This gives us the ability to raise money without having to ask for more donations.

No cost to you

The way you shop and the price you pay is not affected by this link. pays commission to the sites like ours for driving traffic.

How it works

Every time you go to through this page, a cookie is placed on your computer that tracks the purchases and qualifies them for the commission. The cookie expires after 24 hours. To ensure that every purchase gets credited, it is best to start every session from this page or the shop Amazon banner on the right.

How you can help

    • Shop through the link.
    • Tell your family and friends.
    • Share this page on Facebook.
    • Add the link to the signature of your email.

We thank all of you for helping Squantum Elementary School to continue making it an even better place for our children.

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