Mar 23

Parent Academy Evening – April 2nd at Point Webster 6:30pm

Report card parent academy-page-001

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Mar 01

Tuesday: Fundraiser at 99’s

The Ninety Nine Restaurants Invites You to a Fundraiser to Benefit:
the Squantum Elementary School!

Tuesday NIGHT March 3rd – show up anytime from 4-10pm with the flyer attached!

SQU 99’s Fundraiser

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Feb 24

PTO Meeting Tonight

7pm in the media center.

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Jan 26

Penny Bingo Postponed to Feb. 2nd

Penny Bingo-page0001

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Jan 22

Can You Donate Used Instruments?

Message from Squantum School Nurse

Hello Squantum families,

Wishing you all a happy healthy new year.  I would like to ask if any of you have gently used instruments that you would be willing to donate to a worthwhile cause.  One of my friends runs an afterschool program in an underprivileged school in Lynn.  All of their musical instruments were stolen last week.  Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.  You can drop them off at my office during school hours.

Thanks in advance.
Maureen Spillane

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Jan 21

PTO Minutes 1/20/15

PTO Minutes 1/20/15

Thank you to Kellie Defelice for pulling this together!

Principal’s Report

Teachers busy especially the past few weeks. Recently had the accreditation for kindergarten here for assessments. Passed with flying colors.

Federal process: evidence binders on every student and standards.  Kindergarten teachers

Also QPS is replacing current report card and new report card will be coming. Grading will all be online. Teachers are well represented on our Citywide Committees. May have presentations by Citywide. Elementary report card.

PBIS : Social Behavior Program. Sending some teachers.

ELC program: 5th grade pullout program. General letter will go out soon about screening. 4th grade parents

5th grade parents who want students screened, appeal process: see Dr. Bloom or Mr. Sylvia. Call Superintendent.

Reading Counts update and online program is doing incredible. 77 kids signed up. 190 tests passed already. 1st and 2cnd grades really involved.

YMCA : Student Council has been invited 2/2 to a leadership summit. Partnership between QPS and YMCA, maybe not whole Student Council.

Multicultural Night pushed to June – 1st or 2nd Thursday

Read Across America is on its way. Rehearsing for it already. Mrs. Salas is bringing her expertise.

March 10th and March 17th is Parent Teacher Conferences.

MCAS Prep class is starting next week.

March 23rd full day long comp.  MCAS start March 23rd.

Math starts May 4th.

Drama play is February 12th evening performance.

Day Performance as well, February 13th afternoon.

Squantum February 13th Special Olympics.

Penny Bingo January 26th

Red Sox tickets April 28th. Deadline is January 26th.

Citywide Report


One month round table: talk and gather information.  How each school is doing. Report how your PTO is doing.

59 responses survey about what schools needed.

The most necessary that people requested was media specialist.

We have a library support person, Ms. Noonan who was recently highlighted in the Curriculum newletter sent out. Each of the 11 elementary schools have one. Tends to be first specialist cut, so it is important to continue supporting the position and funding.

Meetings go fast.  Fantastic job, very positive. Best interest of children.

Also discussed PBIS. Tier program. 3 schools received grant money and have been doing it. (we are sending teachers) Tools for building character. Positive behavior is taught. Bucket and Tickets

Redistricting was discussed. Overcrowding at some schools.

Teacher Eval: new process, every teacher assigned a plan. More comprehensive. More plan centered.


Sample test

Good results but taking away some freedoms from teachers.

Bullying: some apps banned in some schools. ie Yik Yak

Treasurer Update

$14,000 Income

Fall Book Fair $3500

Apparel Income: $3,000

Bake Sale, Box Tops, etc. all brought in more money.

Box Top Bear: Treasure Box to motivate kids



Stipends, buses, subscription costs, supplement for an IPAD, etc.


Field Trips

Teacher Stipends

Junior Gardeners

Available Balance of $6,000 after allocations.

Budget and Requests

Geometry supplies were bought, coming to the building

Kindergarten teachers: 2/4 Looking for $100 to buy pizza Motion approved.

Squantum School Players requesting $200, may give back but she needs costumes and tshirts Motion is approved.

Fossil Lady: In-house field trip, fill media center 2nd grade: a few hundred. Not sure of exact amount.  Motion is approved.

2 Big Ideas

  1. Mobile Computer lab: Could be a problem with mobile devices. There would be additional costs. Mr. Sylvia needs more time to research. Which kind of cart, apps, how to get them working here. Going to see Wollaston School because they just got one. Have to look into costs such as anticipated costs. Apple Care, cases. Wireless, etc.
  1. Improvement in Sound System. Talking about a projector in there for slide shows, graduations, presentations, etc. Also could play a movie for indoor recess. Someone is coming to give a quote tomorrow. Projector not the biggest expense but labor is expensive.

Need more time on Outdoor classroom. Project can’t be finished until ground thaws.

Defer funds on hold.

Indoor/outdoor carpet… main hallway. Squantum School: Great Place to Start.

Cover whole area, it gets dangerous when wet: Motion Approved

Headphones for Computer Lab: Motion Approved.

Upcoming Events:

Red Sox Tickets..  Deadline: January 26th, Supply own transportation

Penny Bingo: January 26th, 2015

Mixed bag Fundraiser is coming up

Movie Night Indoors?  Maybe wait to see about projector and then plan.

Talking about potential fundraisers: polar plunge ideas, runs, paint nights, photographer for fun pictures or family pictures.  Ideas welcomed!

Restaurant Nights are popular – we will plan another.

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Jan 06

April 28 Red Sox School Night for Squantum School




4.28.14 Red Sox Squantum School Night

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Dec 12

Squantum Elementary School Holiday Concert

I was able to attend the in-school edition of the Holiday Concert and capture a few pictures for those of you who missed it.  Enjoy!   Mrs Lai did an outstanding job on the piano.


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Dec 02

“It’s a great place to start”!

Show some SQUANTUM school spirit by wearing BLUE and WHITE on Wednesday, December 3rd as we will welcome Channel 5’s EyeOpener team to film a segment for their morning wake up call.

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Oct 29

PTO Minutes from 10/28/14 Squantum Elementary School

Notes from Kellie Defelice, PTO Corresponding Secretary

Meeting started at 7pm

Citywide: Rep Dave Blaton went and enjoyed it and said it was great. Potential notes or link to Citywide to come via Moi. They told him Squantum owes $50 in dues. Going to look into it, may be new thing.

Picture Day went well. Mr. Sylvia said it went well and volunteers were there. Pictures should be in soon. Opportunity to request sibling photos will be option in future.

Monster Mash was a success as well. Thank you to the Coughlins!

Bake Sale: Flyer should be out soon if not given today. Would be helpful to have more baked goods later in the day as it gets busier. Need Volunteers still (email Kenda at Donation Box could be helpful since some people just want to donate and not get any sweets. Suggestion: display and promote Squantum apparel at bake sale. Email blast Next door Squantum and PTO. Also it will be extended past November 1st to November 7th.

Restaurant Night at UNOs November 7th all day. Kevin Geary also mentioned that he can do an order for the teachers at UNOs that day and it can include a discount and will also go towards the PTO fundraiser.

Movie Night will be November 10, at 5:30, on a Monday since there is no school the day after. Popcorn will be there. Donations needed will be on the flyer (water, food, etc. ) Donations are optional. More of a community get together. Movie is the Croods.

Talk about a Glove Drive or Can Drive. Dr. Bloom is going to try and tie something in with Student Council.

Book Fair November 13-19

Square One Art due Friday October 31, 2014

Fingerprinting: SAVE YOUR RECEIPT

Bricks for Outdoor Classroom: will be sealed. We can extend the deadline a little but not too much. Should be done by November 7th. Bricks will be able to be moved when new school is built down the road. “Pave the way to the new school” said Mr. Sylvia

Boxtops still always looking for them. Have to have these ones all in by November 3rd. After that, any that come in will not be counted until April.

Look into the Hannaford fundraiser. Jen said she will ask at Customer Service.

Remind people to register for Stop & Shop.

Parent/ Teacher Conferences will be the 18th and 25th.

Kids will vote on Election Day for Governor and some local questions such as merging the High Schools.

BOKS has 160 students enrolled. Popular. Reebok emailed Mr. Sylvia and said Squantum is the model for Quincy.

Veteran’s Day: On Nov 7th Student Council will read essays and there will be an assembly.

Bruce Ayers will present the bike to a second grader after in the media center.

Playground opening was celebrated. Mr. Sylvia has the key to the Kiosk to put up flyers.
Mini Grants: 8 teachers will be recognized at ceremony. Most teachers at Squantum to win. Eight teachers won from here.

Keyboard program will be started at media center as part of their curriculum. Also accessible at home.

Safety drills will be happening soon including Lockdown. Not sure on the date yet.

$5,124 came in for income. (Bricks, membership dues, Baystate Textiles, Catalogs)
Expenses: Teacher Stipends, Buses for Field Trips, White Boards, In Focus Machines, Teacher Website, etc = $2,110

Recent Fundraisers:
Book Fair was $1700 in book credit
Monster Mash: $1260
Catalog: Waiting on Fundraiser

iPad discussion
Asked about whether or not PTO should or could donate money for Teacher Projects such as 4th grade IPADS. Mr. Sylvia said we are looking more at mobile labs for the entire school. Discussion about whether or not it is fair to donate to one teacher project. Looking at IPAD Minis for the classrooms, a bulk order to be a mobile lab. Looking at them for small group work. Brian is going to keep promoting it and blasting out the fundraiser emails to get word out. Also better to go through city for mobile lab so city will support it on some level and then work with the school as an IT device.
Look into discount at Apple (ONLINE? Maybe)

Still will take IPAD donations

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